“Balm is well known for its healing power. Now let’s experience their vigorous benefit through a sip of balm leaf tea”.

You may not believe if I tell you that produces from balm tree are edible. Read on and you will be surprised that the balm can not only be used as heat rubs to relieve dizziness or nausea, but it may also become your favourite cup of tea.

Follow the Chim Thai crew along our local food journey, and you will be fascinated by the wonders of local Thai products.

Let’s set out on a journey to escape stressful big city life, and find a touch of a much-needed relaxation along the notable spherical panoramic view of the Mekong River. You will be taken away from the reality by traditional folkways of a freshwater fishing village. The feeling of mild comfort comes from the scene of calm fishermen in their tiny fishing boats. Light winter breeze will take you back in time. All miracles are happening right here at Khemarat Nawaeng-Chiad Cultural Tourism Community, Ubon Ratchathani Province.

Besides the famous folklore of the local Java plum’s love story, the community is also renowned for their traditional balm tea which can be paired perfectly well with any types of cookies or biscuits.

สำเนาของ CH_สินค้าชุมชนเขมราฐ จ.อุบล_ต้นใบยาหม่อง

The tea is made from hand-picked fresh balm leaves grown along the Mekong River. The balm tree shares the same common name as balm cream or ointment which is used as a heat rub because of its natural unique soothing balm-alike scent.

Balm leaves are rarely found in other parts of Thailand, but they are grown naturally all year round in this village especially between November and April. Herbal balm tea is truly the local processed product inspired by the traditional folk wisdom.

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สำเนาของ CH_สินค้าชุมชนเขมราฐ จ.อุบล_ชาใบยาหม่อง_2

The hand-picked balm leaves are sun-dried, and roasted. Then, they will be ground to powder before being packaged in small sachets. A sachet is enough to create a perfect cup of herbal balm tea simply by adding a tea sachet to a hot teapot. Leave the tea bag in the teapot for around 1 minute to fully unlock its flavour and aroma.  Balm leaf tea can reduce stress and anxiety as well as easing discomfort from indigestion.

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