Chim Thai was established with the aim of supporting local communities. On our journey we have come across food and other vital products born of local wisdom, as well as rare local ingredients, each of which have their own stories and colorful origins and as a result have been carefully selected to show the world that Thai food and the local ingredients that they are based are as valuable as they are inimitable. Our revenue and profits are used for continuously marketing and creating addition value for local community products in a sustainable manner.

We believe that cuisine is more than just food – that it’s akin to a living, breathing thing and that is why we are using this platform to give Thai food a chance to tell its story, as well as offering a space for Thai food lovers to share their experiences and a medium to let the world know the real value of Thai food. Thai food is in equal measures an art, a lifestyle, a form of entertainment and a type of medicine; it has been passed down with love from our ancestors and will live and thrive with future generations.

Thai food brings us together

Until next time…
Irin Rerksasarn
Founder, Chim Thai