“Ever since I was young, I helped my mum to pound up chili paste to sell. My mum told me all about the benefits of the herbs as we cooked and how to achieve that real homemade taste. ”  Nooror Somany Steppe.

When talking about Thai food in culinary circles, and when speaking of a restaurant that serves with refinement, flavors it’s dishes with care and attention, carries forth traditions from Thai kitchens of the past and creates menus with flair and authenticity, then you just can’t fail to bring Blue Elephant into the conversation. From humble beginnings in Thailand to establishing itself as a global brand, there’s no absolutely no mistaking the Blue Elephant taste.

A Thai Food Empire

Set in a colonial style building with comforting white and yellow striped walls, the three-storied restaurant is located in a prime location on Bangkok’s Sathorn Road. The mixture of eastern and western architectural and design influences make the building an arresting sight and stepping inside can only be described as stepping straight into a period drama.

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Of Blue Elephant’s three storeys, the first and second are taken up by the restaurant, with the second floor offering private rooms for those seeking a more intimate dining experience as well as a bar with a resident mixologist shaking and blending the very best in creative cocktails. The third floor houses the Blue Elephant offices and cooking school which has produced a stream of successful chefs.

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A new dimension in taste combined with the charm of Thai cuisine

41 years after conception, Blue Elephant is still being lauded globally for providing consistently great taste and preserving the detailed processes of authentic Thai cookery. One thing that has kept both Thai and international food lovers raving about the restaurant is, as Madame Nooror put it “ the depth and dimension of flavor, whether it be sour, salty, sweet, spicy or rich, and the unmistakable aroma of Thai herbs which can coexist harmoniously in a single dish with amazing results’. Aside from the stellar taste of the cuisine, the presentation of Thai food has a unique, eye-catching appeal that makes some dishes almost too good to eat and each dish comes with a rich history and enthralling story of how it came into being.

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The first must-try dish is Massaman Curry with Lamb. The dish comes served in an earthen pot and the premium lamb is aromatic due to being stewed in herbally infused coconut milk before being mixed with the smooth curry paste containing ginger, galangal lemongrass and generous amounts of fresh chili. The intense aroma is matched by the explosion of perfectly balanced flavors of the curry and the addition of purple sweet potatoes adds color to the dish while retaining the authentic flavor of this Thai classic.

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To give  your taste buds a little respite from all the spice, there’s Stir-fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts, which has a mellow yet moreish flavor profile with tender chicken meat coated by delicate spices and the delightful texture and richness of cashews.

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Blue Elephant Thai Restaurant

Opening Hours : 11.30 – 21.00 hrs

Location : Thanon Sathorn Tai, Yannawa

Tel. No. : 02 673 9353

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