“Fig chilli paste pivots an ordinary local Thai fig into a delicious-looking food.” “Fig” or “Ma-Duea” in Thai is not only sharing the same name as Ma-Duea Village in Nong Khai Province, but is also a famous local product of this village. Besides adding figs to their home-made dishes, the local people also turn them into a variety of processed foods and consumables. The figs grown along the Mekong River in this village are cluster figs which are safe to consume cooked or raw.
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 Intricate piquant flavour of traditional Northeastern Thai Cuisine

People in Ma-Duea Village turn figs into fig chilli paste while still retaining its natural medicinal benefits such as preventing acid reflux. The flavoursome fig chilli paste can be made simply by adding figs, chillies, shallots, galangal, lemongrass, and kaffir lime leaves to the mortar. Then, grind all ingredients with a pestle until they are mixed thoroughly. Lastly, the paste is stir-fried before serving or packaging.

Now, your appetite may have been aroused enough. Let’s grab a jar of the tasty fig chilli paste and pair it with golden brown grilled pork and some sticky rice. You can enjoy the herbal peppery aroma of the chilli paste by simply dipping hot glutinous rice into this delicious fig dipping paste before eating. You may want to continue pleasing your palate with the golden brown grilled pork.  

Fig chilli paste can also be served alongside with fresh seasonal vegetables. Or it can be mixed with a bowl of boiled rice if you are not familiar with the texture of sticky rice. I am personally convinced that fig chilli paste can really complement any types of food such as grilled, deep-fried or steamed dishes.

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Besides its unique flavour, fig’s benefits are preventing acid reflux, mouth ulcers and diabetes. Ready to follow Chim Thai’s food journey? The destination is just at your fingertips: Click here to place your order now
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