“Gliad Tua Gin Kai, Gliad Pla Lai Gin Nam Gaeng” (Thai proverb; You despise someone, yet you want to profit from them.)

Many of you may be familiar with some of these Thai idioms. This is an old food metaphor for those who don’t like it. However, continue to eat something else on that dish.

Nowadays, although most Thai people may not prefer to eat Thai eels much, comparing to Japanese grilled eel dishes. It may be more because of the taste or belief that it is bought for release them into the river. But we can still see the eel menu at the jungle restaurant or a local family. In fact, “Eel curry with cannabis” It is another menu that in the past was not only a local dish, but also popular in the aristocratic dining desks. Therefore, we have brought forth the recipe of the gourmet chef of Lady Plain Phassakorawong, an ancient cookbook in the reign of King Rama V, which was the first original recipe that put hemp leaves in eel curry. With the trend of food with cannabis leaves at this time is strong. The Chim Thai never fails to make a menu to present and has slightly adjusted the recipe of ingredients and method according to the Chim Thai style.

Curry paste ingredients (Pound the curry paste thoroughly)

  1. Dried chilli 37.50 g.
  2. Lemon grass 7.50 g.
  3. Galangal 1.89 g.
  4. Salt 1.89 g.
  5. Garlic 15.00 g.
  6. Shallot 22.50 g.
  7. Kaffir lime peel 1.89 g.
  8. Coriander root 3.75 g.
  9. Shrimp paste 15.00 g.
  10. Fingerroot3.75 g.
  11. Cumin seed 3.75 g.

Ingredients and seasoning

  1. Cross-cut eels 300 g.
  2. Young coconut shoots (cut) 50 g.
  3. Raw lady finger banana (cut) 50 g.
  4. Coconut cream 180 g.
  5. Water 500 g.
  6. Salted prawns sauce 30 g.
  7. Jaggery 8 g.
  8. Young pepper 20 g.
  9. Fingerroot (shredded) 15 g.
  10. Kaffir lime leaves 2 g.
  11. Basil 20 g.
  12. Holy basil 20 g.
  13. Young cannabis leave 3 leaves
  14. Cumin seed (coarse ground roasted) 2 g.


Cooking methods

  1. Bring the prepared curry paste and pound together until fine. Ladle into the prepared bowl.
  2. Rub the eel with the husks, sharp leaves (Koi leaves) or salt. Swipe the eels until they are clean. Rinse with water until the mucus is gone.
  3. Cut the eel meat crosswise into bite-sized pieces.
  4. Pour water for blanching the eel into the pot, followed by galangal, lemongrass, smashed until dented. and torn kaffir lime leaves Put it in a pot and heat until the water is boiling, giving off the aroma of herbs.
  5. When hot water boils at, put the eel in the pot without stirring. Use a ladle to press down the eel meat to drown it slightly. Wait for the eel to be cooked properly. Then use a sieve spoon to set aside. This step will help deodorise the fishy smell of the eel better.
  1. Pour the coconut cream into the pot and simmer until the coconut oil floating up.
  2. Bring prepared curry paste and stir fry with coconut milk until fragrant.
  1. Add salted prawns sauce to add salty flavor and aroma, followed by blanched eel meat, raw lady finger banana and coconut shoots, mix a little thoroughly, then add water. wait for the water to boil.
  2. Cut the flavor with a little jaggery and taste it again. (Able to add salty flavor sweet flavor, as you like).
  1. Sprinkle with chopped young peppers, , shredded kaffir lime leaves, holy basil leaves, basil leaves, and coarse ground roasted cumin seeds. Put them all in the pot and mix together. Finished by putting cannabis leaves into the pot.
  1. Ladle into a prepared bowl, ready to serve.
In addition to pounded curry paste with many spices, this recipe also cuts off the flavor to add saltiness and deliciousness with salted prawns sauce from Ranong province. Jaggery gives a rich, mellow flavor. Herbs including holy basil leaves, basil leaves, young peppers and shredded fingerroot. The Chim Thai also enhances the aroma by sprinkling coarse ground roasted cumin seed to enhance the aroma, spiciness and help deodorize the fishy smell of the eel. Finish it off with cannabis leaves to enhance the flavor of the food, also enhancing the taste of eating as well.
DARATHONG / Food Editor


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